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Elder Abuse Resources

The following bilingual information kit is sourced together from the Government of British Columbia to help older adults learn how to prevent abuse, recognize abuse when it happens, know how to respond and know where they can find assistance. You can download copies of these in either English or French;

Resources in English


Resources in French

To learn more about elder abuse and neglect, see the following fact sheets:

Fact Sheets in English

  1. Are you dating (PDF, 121KB)

  2. How to tell someone you are being abused (PDF, 112KB)

  3. Responding to Elder Abuse (PDF, 110KB)

  4. Financial Abuse (PDF, 112KB)


Fact Sheets in French

  1. Lutter contre la maltraitance à l’égard des personnes âgées (PDF, 534KB)

  2. L’exploitation financière : Protéger les personnes âgéede la Colombie‐Britannique (PDF, 648KB)

  3. Fréquentez‐vous quelqu’un? : Les personnes âgées et les relations saines (PDF, 667KB)

  4. Comment dire à quelqu’un que vous êtes victime de maltraitance : Engager le dialogue (PDF, 291KB)

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